Parent/Player Participation contract 2015
Franklin County Youth Football
Parent/Player Participation contract

Franklin county Youth Football is a non-profit volunteer organization, with the sole intention of promoting youth tackle football, instructional, competitive and self esteem excellence. These goals cannot be achieved throughout the course of the season without participation and cooperation of both parents/guardians, and other adults or youth volunteers.

FCYF has established expectations by which all participants, both parents/guardians and players alike will adhere to. Without adherence to these outlined expectations, the success of the program cannot be achieved. FCYF has a ZERO TOLERENCE POLICY, and any violation of the required adult or youth code of conduct, as defined below could result in loss of membership for the remainder of the year, or permanently at the board of director’s discretion. Please make you and your player and/or cheerleader familiar with the FCYF bylaws, rules and code of conduct as well as the SAFL bylaws. Please also make your family members/friends or guests that attend FCYF games, practices or functions familiar with the FCYF bylaws, rules and code of conduct.

The parent/guardian of the below named child, do hereby give my/our approval for FCYF activities for the current season. I/We assume all risks and hazards to this participation for any claims arising out of injury to the below names child/participant, including, but not limited to, transportation to and from such activities. I/We hereby waive, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Franklin county Youth Football league, SAFL(Suburban Amateur Football League),organizers, coaches ,board members, participants, persons providing transportation and any organization this youth football program may be affiliated with. Membership in FCYF is revocable for offenses that go against these outlined in the FCYF participation rules. Signers both parent/guardian and player/participant forfeits all rights to bring any legal action, criminal or civil, against all agents providing services, activity areas, including but not limited to the program organizers, governing body, SAFL. Intimidating/confrontational behavior towards officials, players, coaches or FCYF volunteers, Board members may cause your membership to be revoked immediately.

**We will volunteer the required 2 slots per player as required. If a full/partial scholarship has been provided there will be additional fundraising or an additional sign up to receive credit for **
**We will return our FCYF provided equipment in at the end of the season washed with no damage**
**We hereby grant permission to a qualified physician, nurse or EMT to administer medical treatment as needed at games and or practices under emergency circumstances.

By signing, I/We accept the terms outlined and have been given a basic handout and agree to make myself and my player familiar with the terms and conditions of the FCYF. All family members that are associated with the participant are held responsible for their conduct, and it is the member’s duty to familiarize themselves with the basic copy provided and website bylaws information. Terms outlined are non-negotiable, and corrective measures will be taken as needed with regard to disciplinary action.

I/We have read and fully understand the provisions of the consent/release authorization, and I/We have voluntarily signed accepting terms of contract. Signature also confirms basic copy of rules and participation and signers will take it upon themselves to review the full bylaws, rules and code of conduct as well as make available/aware others who will be accompanying participant in any league activities. All individuals in attendance of any FCYF event/activity are to conform to conduct guidelines.