Posted Jul 7, 2014

GYFA is operated entirely by VOLUNTEERS. Every activity that is part of our program occurs through the efforts of volunteers. Board members and coaches donate approximately 200 hours or more each season to assure that we offer the highest quality program to our children. It is critical that every volunteer be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. There are a variety of levels of involvement within our program that are outlined as follows:

Board of Directors -Volunteers are elected to a one-year term by the previous Board of Directors, with the exception of the President which holds a two-year term. They are responsible for the management of all operations within the program. This includes oversight of all volunteer networks, fundraising, insuring the integrity of the program, and upholding its by-laws. Other board members are appointed as needed for a one-year term per the by-laws.

Football Coaches - Volunteers manage all practices and games for GYFA. There is one head coach and at least one assistant coach per team. Football coaches are the primary instructors for the players. They are responsible for supervision, teaching plays, running drills, and discipline on the field.

Parent Volunteers -At least 30 volunteers are needed for each home game to staff the concession stand, chain gang, and field crew. Every parent is required to volunteer (2) hours for each child that you have in the program. Documentation of volunteer hours will be kept to assure compliance.

Football players & Cheerleaders -Every child is expected to put forth their best effort, both on the field and off, and to abide by rules and regulations.